CO2 regulator/valves and Simazine

After trying the yeast bottle method for a couple of weeks, I am 
convinced I need a more permanent setup for CO2. I finally found a source 
locally that has a reasonable price on CO2 cylinders ($CAN 150 for 20lb 
bottle), but unfortunately their cheapest regulator is also $150. I read 
somewhere before that you don't really need a regulator; some needle 
valves are rated 5000psi and can be directly connected to the cylinder. 
Any experience?

The algae in my tank is getting worse. It still looks like brush algae
picture in one of the books I have, but it does not turn red when I boil
it (as someone suggested). Since I can't find any siamensis I thought I
may try some Simazine :). I read the excellent article by Frank in the
Kribs archive but I am still tempted to give it a try. Has anyone actually
used this stuff in a planted tank? 

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