RE:Yeast Explosion

> From: "David Huie" <David.Huie at Bentley_COM>

>      I won't cope with another mass fish death due to massive pH
>      fluxuations and I don't think I can afford a fully-automated CO2
>      injection system--and I won't go back to my old unreliable yeast
>      method.  Isn't there a reasonably affordable reaction chamber
>      available to help dissolve CO2?  Even That Fish Place claimed to have 

>      no such thing.  I had to makeshift--and it turned out to be the death 

>      of my fish.
>      I will no longer keep expensive fish because I can't afford to 
>      them.  I have two 10 lb. CO2 tanks and a regulator--anything I can do 

>      that will make a reliable system for $100 or less?

Given the budget constraint, why not buy a decent reactor from
Sandpoint, etc and a solenoid valve? You could set your regulator
(I hope it is an accurate needle valve type) for a very safe, low
bubble rate that only runs during the day based upon a timer.

(I only recommended the Sandpoint because I like mine and
have no experience with others.)

I would strongly recommend you forget the budget. You are
only about $300 away from a fully auto system.

Jon Wilson
jwilson at b856s3_ssc.af.mil