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> <<From: Erik Olson <olson at phys_washington.edu>
> Hi.  Some friends conned me into going to the American Cichlid 
> Association convention next week in San Jose.  Since there's a certain 
> overlap between plant and cichlid enthusiasts (I seem to remember the AGA 
> being formed by three people during an ACA conference), I thought I'd ask if
> anybody else is going this year.>>
> Ooh!  If you'd kindly share when & where particulars, we'll try to come (San
> Jose is a short hop from Santa Cruz... I assume this is SJ _CA_, not Puerto
> Rico or anything ;-).  Thanks!

The convention runs from Wednesday 7/19 to Sunday 7/23.  It's at the 
LeBaron Hotel.  Let's see:  Wednesday not much is happening.  Thursday is 
filled up with a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, with talks on Cichlid 
Marketing and Discus at 8:30 PM & study groups at 10 PM.  Friday is about 
the same, except with Steinhart aquarium trip, and lectures on 
Tanganyikan cichlids and Blackwater Dwarf Cichlids.  (I've got work, so 
I'll be showing up sometime around Friday evening).  Saturday is some 
more seminars, trade show hours, the dry goods auction, and awards 
banquet.  Sunday is the fish auction.

In anticipation of bringing buckets of fish home with me, I am loading 
them up with some plant cuttings... Not sure if lots of trading goes on 
at these things, but guess I'll find out.

Hope to see you there, Anne.

  - Erik

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