re: Field trip to That Fish Place

>Another thing is even if I go
>to the store on my second last day there, the plants/fish will have to
>be kept overnight in my sister's place without an established tank. Sounds
>like it might be a risky thing to do after all, no?

If you do have to transport your fish for an extended period of time, notify 
the packagers, and they may add extra water, as well as bagging the fish in 
larger bags and using pure O2 for the bag's atmosphere (hopefully they do that 

In the event that this can't happen, or if they think the fish won't survive 
the trip, you can put the fish and plants in common containers and make sure 
the plants get light.  The plants should then be able to assist with ammonia 

Yet another possibility is to add an appropriately high (but safe) amount of 
chloramine remover to the bag when the fish are packaged.  The chloramine 
remover would then bind the ammonia as it is produced, rendering it harmless to 
the fish.  I don't know what an "appropriately high" amount is though.

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