Re: Growing Anubias emersed

Peter Konshak says....

>It seems like I heard somewhere that Anubias species will grow much 
>quicker if grown emersed.  I have several specimens that aren't doing 
>much right now, and might give this a try.  I was thinking about putting 
>them in a spare 10 gallon tank about half filled, and leaving out on my 
>porch.  The porch gets about 6 hours of direct sun.  Of course it is also 
>about 95-100 every day here in Central Texas.

They do VERY well emersed in 1.5 to 2 inches of water.
>Has anyone tried this?  Any idea what kind of substrate to use (ie, the 
>same as a normal tank, or would you want a "richer" substate?).  Any 
>comments/suggestions are welcome.

No substrate necessary. Soluble fertilizer or hydroponic mix.
Change water every few days if you want.

>I would think that the evaporation would make the interior of the tank 
>quite humid, which would be ok for the plants.  Thanks,