Re: Schoeler Enterprises Products

> A recent issue of FAMA had an article on products manufactured by this 
> company.  Has anyone used their Substrate Gold (laterite) Or Natural 
> Gold products?  If so, what are your experiences?  Does anyone know 
> where they can be purchased and what they typically cost?  Any 
> information would be appreciated.

I haven't used the products ( I used vermiculite in my last tank and make 
my own nutrient additive), but I know Karl Schoeler from the Minnesota 
Aquarium Society (MAS). He's a fish wholesaler and has been selling the 
Gold products for quite a while here in MN. Prior to starting up the 
wholesale business he was the chair of the Horticulture awards program 
for the MAS and has propagated over 117 species of plants. I would assume 
that the Gold products came about from his desire to find a better 
alternative to products currently available. If you want more 
infoormation let me know and I'll call him.