Re: That Fish Place and plants

     yes TFP does sell fish and plants retail at their huge Lancaster, PA
location. One thing i have to warn you about is that if you want to legally
bring the plants back accross up in  Canada you'll need to get a 
phytosanitary certificate in pennsylvannia. AgCan has been pretty good about
foregoing the requirements for phytos when it comes to a couple housplants
bought in the U.S. but they don't take kindly to bringing in aquatics 
without one. A friend recently (2 weeks ago) bought some anubias and crypts
from a hobbyist in Ohio and like an honest Canadian declared that fact to
the customs officer. (if they had checked the car and found them he 
would have been worse off anyway). He had to wait for an AgCan inspector
who said that he couldn't allow the plants to enter Canada and told him to
destroy them or send them back. If he had of taken the time to visit an
Ohio state agriculture office before leaving and asked for a phyto 
certificate he would have been allowed but since he had so many plants
15 anubias and 50 crypts they said they just couldn't allow entry without
the phyto (plant health certificate). For a couple of plants they might
let you pass but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  Why would you want to buy plants from them anyway? They are unbelievably
expensive and if you ask one of the larger Aquarium Services (Mississauga,
Scarborough) when they are getting their Tropica orders in I'm sure they
will be getting a lot of rarities. With an exchange rate of over 40% buying
in the U.S. is definitely unattractive. Most plants and fish are cheaper
now on this side of the border.


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