Field trip to That Fish Place

I am going to visit my sister in Philadephia in a few weeks, and thought
it would be good to pay TFP a visit. I understand they also have a retail
outlet in Lancaster, PA, about 1.5 hours drive from Philly. Does anyone
know if the retail place sells plants and fish, or do they have dry goods
only? I want to pick up some of the plants which are rarely seen here
in Canada, like various Crypts etc. I also hope to find the real SAE. The
only problem is I don't know how the plants/fish can survive my 10 hour
drive back to Toronto. Any suggestions? Another thing is even if I go
to the store on my second last day there, the plants/fish will have to
be kept overnight in my sister's place without an established tank. Sounds
like it might be a risky thing to do after all, no?

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