Re: Coppersafe & Java Fern and Mailorder plant list

> From: chapman at SEDSystems_ca
> Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 14:45:05 -0600
> Subject: Coppersafe and Java Fern
> I had an outbreak of ich in my tank which I treated with 
> Coppersafe...unfortunately.  Since that time (about 3 months ago) my Java 
> Fern seems to have gone dormant....all the new shoots stopped growing, and 
> the leaves seem to be slowly darkening with algae.  Before the copper 
> treatment, it seemed very healthy, growing rapidly.
> Is the Java Fern dead?  I'm relatively new to the plant business, and I would 
> have thought that if it was dead, it should rapidly shed a pile of decaying 
> leaves (which it hasn't done.)  If it is dormant...how can I revive it?  The 
> copper should be long gone via water changes and carbon by now.
> Thanks....
> PC.

I'm pretty new to keeping Jav Fern (I've only had some plants for a few
months), but I'm wondering if your's are just getting ready to sprout babies.
Mine were mostly green when I got them & then the tips of many leaves turned
brown & I thought they were rotting (similar to your's) but then the brown
spots started sprouting baby plants.  This took quite a long time (a couple
of months) for me & I hope thats what's happening for you.  I would suggest
that you just be patient, maybe measure copper levels to make sure the
carbon really got rid of it (I have found polyfilters to be more effective
than carbon for removing copper).  Possilby also measure iron levels to
make sure you're giving it enough nutrients.  The person I got mine from
was able to grow it well & have it multiply well using Tetra Crypto Hilena
fertilizer tablets pushed into the gravel at the roots of the plants.  I use
these as well as DuplaPlant24 drops and DuplaPlant tablets (I just ordered
soem Duplagan also).

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> From: Jayme Donnelly <Jayme_Donnelly%BOND__NOTES at notes_worldcom.com>
> Date: 12 Jul 95 16:30:25 EDT
> Subject: List of plants available through mail order
> >From: Kenneth J McNeil <mcnei002 at maroon_tc.umn.edu>
> >Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 18:50:02 -0500 (CDT)
> >Subject: List of plants available through mail order
> >
> >Since people are frequently asking for sources of different plants I
> >compiled a list of plants that are available through mail order (don't
> >look for Glossostigma, it wasn't available). 
> >
> >I've included one international source (Aquaflora) and 5 that are based in
> >the US.  I didn't include Dennerle because I don't know if they supply
> >plants by mail order. Other companies were not included because I don't
> >have a catalog or plant list.
> >
> >I can post the list here or just send it to interested individuals. 
> >
> >Thoughts?
> >Ken
> Ken,
> It is much harder to locate good plant specimens for sale. I think a lot of
> people would be interested in this list, and would appreciate it being
> posted to the list.  I certainly would be interested!  :-)
> - --Jayme
> "Heaven  = Fish + Magic (more than a card game) + Music + Shopping + Cars"
> jayme_donnelly at percussion_com
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I second this!


P.S. I now have my CO2 and cloudiness problem under control.  The tank still
has a litle ammonia & nitrite and amazingly the guppies, kuhli loach & clown
pleco (which I forgot was in there & probably wouldn't have been able to 
catch anyway!) survived & seem as happy & hungry as usual!  I will add back
the corydoras catfish & clown loach as soon as the tank gets back to normal
(zero nitrites & ammonia), but they seem quite happy in the tank they're in
for now.