Re: Suspended Particles

> From: zbigniew at cais_cais.com (Patrick Farley)
> Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 09:04:58 -0400
> Subject: Suspended Particles
> As usual I have a question,
> My plant tank substrate is composed of natural dirt and rocks (fresh off the 
> mountain).   I'm having a problem with tiny suspended dirt particles 
> drifting around and landing on my plants.  Besides being unsightly I don't 
> think it helps the plants out.  Any suggestions on how to get rid of it.  I 
> have a large Aqua-Clear as the filter.  I jammed some filter-floss infront 
> of the pump so it would suck up some of the dirt instead of clogging the 
> filters.
> Any ideas?
> Patrick


I was just about to ask a similar question. I've also noticed that some of
my finer-leaved plants have been covered by some brownish stuff which I
thought was some kind of algae. When I tried to clean the plants, I
realized the brown stuff washes off easily and makes the surrounding water
show a little brown tinge. The tank water (near its second week of initial
cycling) otherwise appears to be clean. The substrate I used is a type of
river gravel. When I cleaned it before I put it into the tank, I did
notice some dirt and other small debris but nothing serious. What I think
is that the two driftwood in my tank may have something to do with it. 
They made my tank very brown initially before the carbon in my Fluval
started to work. Do you have peat or driftwood in your tank? 

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