Possible fertilizer? (chelated Fe w/ minerals)

Beth Groeber SAID:
>I'm looking for a good substitute for the expensive
>fertilizers such as Ferrovit and Tetra brands. I've found a
>product that is chelated Fe plus other minerals and contains
>no N as nitrates, ites, or ammoniums and no phosphates.
>Its label reads as follows:
>Mg    0.50% (chelated)   Mn  0.25% (chelated)
>Sulfur     3.90% (combined) Zn  0.50% (chelated)
>Boron     0.02%   Cu  0.25% (chelated)
>Fe        6.00% (chelated)
>Secondary and trace minerals derived from sulfonates of
>these, and the chelating agent is lignin sulfonate.
>Could i use this product safely?  I have considered 
>ordering Dupla from Pet Warehouse, but it seems there
>should be a cheaper out there to these expensive products.
I'm no expert on Aquatic Plant Food, but I do know something
about it.  Based on the ingredients, the above plant food sounds 
fine.  I personally use Kent Plant Food, which I works well, and is
not to expensive.  I think Pet Warehouse may have it, but I know 
"That Fish Place" mail order has it.  It is about $8 for a 16 oz bottle.  
Use 1-2 teaspoons per 30 gallons.  This same bottle is more like 
$7-8 for an 8 oz. in the stores, but this varies.  I found a store that 
sold a 16oz. for $10.  This store is in Metro-Boston, MA.

In general, I am not very impressed with Tetra products.  They tend 
to be expensive, and only mediocre quality.  However, I do use 
some of their products.  

(NOTE:  I am NOT affiliated with any aquatic/fish products company).

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