Re: Chroma 50 vs. Designer 50 Light Bulbs

Harold Wong SAID:
>Well, I went out hunting for a Chroma 50 fluorescent tube today
>and ended up with a Designer 50 by Sylvania instead. The light shop
>owner looked all over the Sylvania literature but could not find
>any mention of a Chrome 50? Does anybody know if the bulb has been renamed?
>If not, how effective will this bulb be in my planted 55 gal tank?
>The literature states that the Designer 50 is 5000K.
>Thanks again.
I have a rather extensive list of bulbs with a number of manufacturers listed
with detailed statistics/characteristics.  I could not find a Sylvania Designer 
BUT I did find an Osram Design 50, which is also a 5000k bulb.  It comes in
15, 20, 35, 40, and 60 watt bulbs.

BTW,  if anyone wants a copy of this list just let me know.  This list was 
posted somewhere by George Booth for Joseph Sellinger.  It could have been
posted on this list.  I don't know.  I received it from Drew Warwick.  It is a 
thorough list of bulbs.

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