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>(different from the clown loach tank).  Strands of val started to show up 
>at the surface.  Seldom saw the fish and learned they are nocturnal.  
>They have a cutting member that retracts near the eye.  After I traded 
>them in on a couple of flying foxes things are now OK.  No more strands 
>of val floating in the tank.  My advice - do get clown loaches if they 
>are free of ich.  Stay away from orange finned loaches.

You'll find that clown loaches have the same barb under the eye socket.
My understanding is that it is used as a defensive tool.  (They can also
make a loud clicking sound with it by snapping it open/closed.) Having been 
stuck by one of these barbs, I would say it is near impossible for a
clown loach to use one of these to cut plants.  However, if loaches don't
get enough "greens" in the food they are served they may take a few bites
out of the plants in a tank.  I feed my loaches Hikari Sinking Wafers and
have never had a problem with any of the botias and plants.  JMHO.