Re: Chroma 50

The General Electric "Chroma 50" lamp and Osram/Sylvania "Design 50" lamp
are similar products (i.e., both are high-CRI, 5000K lamps).  "Design 50"
is a registered trademark of Sylvania, according to my catalogs.

Other common near synonyms you'll see include GE SPX = Sylvania "Designer
800" = Philips "Ultralume" (high-efficiency rare-earth phosphors), and GE
"Trimline T8" (trademark of GE) = Sylvania "Trichrome/Octron" (registered
trademark of Sylvania) = Philips "TL70/TL80".

Of course (as you'll see in any catalog) "near synonym" means only that the
three manufacturers are pitching these products to similar markets, and
thanks to the joys of competition they ought to produce similar results,
mostly, kind of.

Anyhow, as you can deduce from all this, the reason the Sylvania
distributor couldn't find a "Chroma 50" was because GE makes the Chroma 50,
not Sylvania.

Hope this helps--
  --Martin Harriman