Re: HELP! High CO2

Another cause for skyrocketing CO2 could be the metabolism of bacteria
feeding on the dead fish, but there are two problems with that theory:

1.  The fish shouldn't have died till the  CO2 was ALREADY up.

2.  The high CO2 should have been accompanied by low pH.

I am still focusing on the pH.  My guess is that the CO2 kit was
completely screwed up by the peat.  Did you try the interpolation

1.  Take a 2 oz sample of tank water, add to a clean 2l coke bottle,
shake well, measure the pH.

2.  Take a 2 oz sample of tank water, add to an old-fashioned glass
(for strong whiskey drinks), blow breath into it thru a straw in a
slow steady flow for 4 min, measure the pH.

Interpolate the CO2 using the pH of the tank and the CO2 of 1. as
.6pmm and of 2. as 60ppm.

That should have been "accurate" even with the peat present.  Do you
have a pH meter?    Dave
Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com