Question Re: Nymphaea Stellata

> From: Simon Eldridge <simon at uryu_demon.co.uk>
> I have a Nymphaea Stellata bulb and it sprouted leaves aroud the base, 
> following this it sent up 3(with another on the way) floating leaves.
> I have seen in magazines photos where there are no floating leaves
> and a very dense rosette of leaves around the bulb. My bulb has stopped
> growing leaves down near the bulb, but has instead sent up floating leaves.
> Is there any way of preventing this, and bring on growth around the base?

Rumor has it that if you constantly remove emersed leaves, the plant
will "learn" to stay submsersed.  

> Also what method of propagation does it have? 

One of ours sent runners throughout the tank and formed bulblets at
various places.  What a pest!

> Does it have a dormant phase?

Only after we ripped it out and replanted it in the garbage can :-)

Tank: 100 gallon, 83 F, 4 40w FL bulbs, pH 6.8, CO2 15 ppm, 4 dKH, 2
dGH, laterite in substrate.