CO2 safety

Dave Webb's post re problem of exploding DIY yeast/syrup mix
was so funny I almost fell of the chair laughing. I'm sure
Dave was not laughing when he had to clean up the mess.  Pressure 
generated by fermentation has caused more than one explosion in the night 
for amateur alchohol produers.  Just how you would vent a DIY unit 
without loosing needed pressure to drive the co2 into the water is beyond 
my creative powers.  Perhaps somebody can solve the problem.

My real reason for posting is another co2 problem.  For me it was a 
disaster but you may find it amusing and hopefully we can all learn from 
my experience.  My co2 20# tank ran out so I took it to the local 
supplier and got a new tank.  It was last February and the temperature in 
the van was around 60.  I propped the tank on the passenger side and took 
off with the heater on high.  After driving about 15 of the 30 mile trip 
I had just turned off the highway onto a city street going about 25 mph 
when all of a sudden an explosion occurred.  The van was instantly filled 
with fog.  The safety valve released on the co2 tank which dumps the 
entire contents.  I could neither see nor breathe but I sure could 
panic.  I got the van stopped and jumped out gasping for breath.  Then I 
realized I hadn't put it in park so I had to chase it down the street.  
Got it stopped and parked with the tank still going.  I was shaking 
pretty bad and realized how lucky I was not to have had it go off while 
doing 55 on the highway.  Drove back and got another tank.  This one was 
put in the back of the van.
Moral: when transporting any tank of gas the 3000 psi makes it a 
potential disaster. If you have a car, put it in the trunk.  Never let 
the tank get hot by leaving in a closed car.