Question Re: Nymphaea Stellata

   I posted this question in rec.aquaria, no response. Then I found out
about this mailing list...great list!

I have a Nymphaea Stellata bulb and it sprouted leaves aroud the base, 
following this it sent up 3(with another on the way) floating leaves.
I have seen in magazines photos where there are no floating leaves
and a very dense rosette of leaves around the bulb. My bulb has stopped
growing leaves down near the bulb, but has instead sent up floating leaves.
Is there any way of preventing this, and bring on growth around the base?
Are the leaves near the base not getting enough light?
   Tank parameters: Ph 6.5 Kh 4-5 Gh 6-7 Temp 25C (77-78F) Yeast generated
CO2. With two triton 30W.
   Most of my plants are doing well, with the exception of my swords.
Also what method of propagation does it have? Does it have a dormant phase?

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