GE ...SPX... bulbs

From: "Jamil Zainasheff" <jamil_zainasheff at internet_uscs.com>

>I can highly recommend the GE SXL40SPX41 bulbs.  These are the
>tri-phosphor bulbs that Owen Jeffries is always mentioning in his FAMA 
>articles.  The specs are CRI 83, 4100 kelvin, and 3500 initial lumens.  
>These suckers are bright, and I've had great success with them.

I got a couple of these bulbs a few months ago.  I'm not especially
impressed with them.  My main complaint is that the color is
definitely pinkish, a bright light, but more pink that I like.  Also,
the first one I used burned out after only something like 300 hours.
That may have been a fluke; more experience should tell and my 2cd
bulb has been in about that long now.  I still like the color of the
Ultra Tri-lux best, no question, but they're so expensive I don't buy
them.  Tritons are visually better than these SPX jobbies, IMO, too.
For a cheap (<$10) daylight I still liked the now defunct Panasonic
bulb best.

Given a choice between the plain ol' GE daylight and the SPX, I'll go
back to the old ones.  They make the tank greenish and not as bright
but also cost a few bucks less each.  Dunno, perhaps a plain daylight
and one of the SPXs?

>probably won't find them in any hardware shop (although GE says you 
>can).  I ordered them through an electrical supply company (the kind that
>supplies building contractors) for $9.50 each.

Had to do the same for the same price.

Keith Rogers
krogers at es_com