DIY CO2 generator tip #48....

Just a little note.  DO NOT LEAVE DIY (yeast in the 1 liter bottle ) 
CO2 Generators shut off completely without a vent!  I did this 
(wanted to check water chem. and pH was a little low, so I turned it 
off at the gang valve).  Needless to say, I just came home from work 
to find my walls, and everything within 6 feet sprayed down with 
Yeast enriched simple syrup.  What a mess. About 1/2 a liter sprayed 
out when the pressure uncuppled the hose from the gang valve.  Oh 
well, live and learn.  


P.s. Could someone send me the formula for determination of CO2 
concentration based on pH and kH.  Thanks.

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