Aponogeton capuroni

 I have been playing around with the above plant for about 4 months now.  It
is an extremely attractive Apono, but one I have never seen offered before (or
since) commercially.  It seems so far anyway to be thriving.  Anyone else
working with this plant?

 Subject: Temperature in planted discus tank


 >>I know you have planted discus tanks, could you tell me at what temperature
you keep them. <<

 I keep my Discus tank right around 84F.  I have found that if the temperature
drops even to 80F, the Discus start to look uncomfortable.

 Much to my surprise when I started this project, I have also yet to find a
plant that does well in my lower temperature tanks that is not also thriving
(some are doing better) in the Discus tank.

 Subject: Re: Dupla analysis


 >>  Buying larger quantities of the stuff brings the price/dose down to the
point where I  don't have an incentive to do any DIY work.  And I wouldn't
want to
 make any of our four tanks guinea pigs.  <<

 I agree completely.  Other people report good results with other products,
but like you, I don't like "experimenting" on my tanks.  I _know_ the Dupla
products work, and I am not convincesd that the other products are
substantially cheaper, dose for dose.

 >> > Of course, some of the make-up of Dupla could be to work with co2 and
might not be as good as Tetra in a low tech tank.  Any thoughts? <

 >> I doubt it.  I think it's just a more complete, better balanced and
well-thought out formula. <<

 I also think a lot of people use trace elements in "low tech" tanks that
don't need them at all.  They feel like this is something they "should" do for
their tanks, and apply various concoctions when, in fact, fish food, fish
waste and water changes are supplying all the nutrients needed.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 08-Jul-1995