Re: Access to FISHROOM

>> George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com> wrote:
>> I have tried getting to the FISHROOM, but have been unable to.
>> Perhaps the ol' HP "firewall" is preventing this.  Have any other
>> folks protected by corporate security measures had any luck or am I
>> just a net.bozo?  We might be getting a home computer soon, something
>> more advanced than the 1983 "Mindset" 80186 (with 256k of RAM!), so I
>> may get there yet.
> DAWB.DSKPO33B at DSKBGW1_ITG.ti.com (David Webb) replied:
> At TI we also have a firewall.  I had to get an account on the firewall gateway 
> to get through using telnet.  I now have to log on to the gateway, then telnet 
> to the fishroom from there.

Ooops.  Yes, I meant to say that.  (I guess I was trying too quickly
to be cute in my earlier response).

At USWest, we have a firewall.  I can telnet directly to the gate,
and then open up another telnet session from there.  I must go
to the gate first, though (our gate is "igate"):

% telnet igate
Connected to igate.advtech.uswest.com.
Escape character is '^]'.

Welcome to U S WEST telnet proxy service.

Type ? for help.
I-telnet> open kplace.monrou.com 1025
...(then I get in).

With this setup, I get in every time.  I suppose a key point
may be that David and I seem to be doing the same thing to 
get past the firewall.

cbay at lookout_ecte.uswc.uswest.com