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>As you go up the line, you'll get more and more plants to grow.  Since
>you have a 55G, which is a tall tank, you should get the brightest
>lights you can.  If you don't have CO2, Vitalites are probably fine.

I can highly recommend the GE SXL40SPX41 bulbs.  These are the
tri-phosphor bulbs that Owen Jeffries is always mentioning in his FAMA 
articles.  The specs are CRI 83, 4100 kelvin, and 3500 initial lumens.  
These suckers are bright, and I've had great success with them.  You 
probably won't find them in any hardware shop (although GE says you 
can).  I ordered them through an electrical supply company (the kind that
supplies building contractors) for $9.50 each.