Lizard's Tail

>>Most likely he is referring to Saururus cernuus, aka Lizard's tail, aka
the "Leiden" plant.  This is a bog plant native to the southeast US, often
sold as a pond plant now, and regionally sold as an aquarium plant.  It
used to be a staple in every Dutch tank, even though it's not really that
happy growing underwater.  Look for it in those neat terraced arrangements
where it slopes from really tall to really short in the front.  I tried
this in my tank last year, and got it real nice for about 4 months, after
which it started to deteriorate, so I gave it up. <<

I've personally found Lizard's tail to be an attractive, long lasting plant in 
the aquarium...

...I just have to keep the water in the tank low enough so the lizard's tail 
grows out.  :-)  It's great for that extra "experimental" tank, but I've also 
found that it doesn't last long if it's kept submerged.  I currently have all 
of my lizard's tail in my 5.5 gallon micro plant tank.  It only has 3" of water,
 and the lizard's tail loves it.

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