Plants for Goldfish Aquarium

> From: Michelle Koay <Michelle.Koay at admin_gwuhp.gwumc>
> I have a 20 gallon aquarium with 4 medium size fantails.
> I had to remove all rocks because the goldfish need more room.
> I have tried to decorate with a few types of plants - all ended up as
> delicious food.
> I like my aquarium to be au natural so I don't use plastic plants.
> Any suggestions on hardy plants that will withstand flourescent light,
> neutral to alkaline water and hungry goldfish?

I have had good luck with various anubias and some crypts, but
far and away the best results have been crinium thianum. The
goldfish don't eat it and it grows 6-8" per week.

BTW: a 20 gallon tank is _way_ too small for 4 goldfish.
I only keep 10 goldfish in a 225 gal. It is very hard to keep
nitrates and phosphates down when keeping "dirty" fish.
(but they _do_  produce some great organic fertilizer :-)

Jon Wilson
jwilson at b856s3_ssc.af.mil