George Booth writes:

>I have tried getting to the FISHROOM, but have been unable to.
>Perhaps the ol' HP "firewall" is preventing this.  Have any other
>folks protected by corporate security measures had any luck or am I
>just a net.bozo?  We might be getting a home computer soon, something
>more advanced than the 1983 "Mindset" 80186 (with 256k of RAM!), so I
>may get there yet.

We at BNR have a firewall, but I've managed to get in.  I do have a
problem that I believe is not firewall-related.  I have to try various
name and password combinations before I can get in.  Once I'm in,
everything is fine till I leave and try to get back in.  Kevin (the
owner of FISHROOM) has kindly agreed to walk through my problems with
me, so everything should be fine soon.

Here's a gotcha for people who may be trying to get in this Saturday.
If you forget to use port number 1025 for the telnet session, you'll get
a regular Unix prompt.  If you type

     telnet   1025

you'll get a FISHROOM banner, and you'll know you are on the right track.

Too bad I won't be able to join the discussion this week.  I'll be off
to New York tomorrow morning, and won't get back till Monday.

Shaji Bhaskar                                              bhaskar at bnr_ca
BNR, 35 Davis Dr., RTP, NC 27709, USA                      (919) 991 7125