Joanne--I can't reach you!

Joanne--I can't seem to reach you by mail.  :-(  All my messages
keep bouncing back.

I wanted to thank you privately (now publicly)  :-) for the article
you snail-mailed me on DIY heat coils.  It's exactly what I needed
to read --  thanks very much.

While I'm at it, I want to publicly state that I really enjoy
reading this mailing group.  The in-basket hardly gets warm before
I have to read all the posts.  It's really nice to see such a
good group of helpful and knowledgeable people.

I'm not making it to the FISHROOM on Saturdays because I don't
have access on Saturdays (not because I don't want to be there). 
:-(  Sorry to miss you guys.

Also, I've been spending a lot of time in news.groups making noise
in favor of the rec.aqaria split.  A couple of times the *.plants 
group came up, and George made a few well-timed supportive comments.  
Boy, is it exhausting, though!  A zillion posts, and it's like 
talking to a box of rocks.  A bunch of rec.aquaria readers in favor, 
and three Usenet administrators opposed (feelings hurt about passing
sci.aquaria a couple of years ago).  Amazing--three people holding
up the whole works.  No substance, just bickering.

I'm hoping for an early conclusion (yeah, right).  If you get tired
of hearing your kids get at each other, hop over to news.groups and
make one short comment.  It looks like name variety in favor of
the plants newsgroup or the rec.aquaria split (for sub-categories
outlined in the rec.aquaria RFD) seem to carry weight.

cbay at lookout_ecte.uswc.uswest.com