Algae and Algae eaters

Some of the new plants I bought the past weekend have developed a 
fur-like algae on their leaves despite my effort to treat the plants in a 
bleach solution prior to planting them. I am not sure whether the algae 
is "normal" green algae or the dreaded brush (red) algae. The color of 
the algae is kinda dark green, and it tends to cover an entire affected 
leaf. It also seems to prefer the long and narrower leaves of the swords. 
How do I tell the difference between green and brush algae? My assorted 
"algae eaters" (three oto. affinis, a pleco, and three mollies) don't 
seem to touch the stuff at all.

I know I should probably get some REAL algae eaters, but I cannot find 
the Siamese Algae Eater anywhere around here. I thought I had found them 
in one of the places last week, but they turned out to be a different 
species (what should I do with my pair of Flying Foxes?). Does anyone 
know where I can get some real siamensis around southern Ontario? What 
other fish would eat brush and green algae? Thanks again. 

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