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> To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
> Subject: Nature Aquarium World ID, Newsgroup vs. Mail List

>  Finally, what is the author
> talking about when he mentions the 'Dutch plant' (it's in his list of
> background/tall plants).

Most likely he is referring to Saururus cernuus, aka Lizard's tail, aka
the "Leiden" plant.  This is a bog plant native to the southeast US, often
sold as a pond plant now, and regionally sold as an aquarium plant.  It
used to be a staple in every Dutch tank, even though it's not really that
happy growing underwater.  Look for it in those neat terraced arrangements
where it slopes from really tall to really short in the front.  I tried
this in my tank last year, and got it real nice for about 4 months, after
which it started to deteriorate, so I gave it up. 

From Shaji, regarding Archiving the new newsgroups:

> Neil Frank, Mark Rosenstein and I have been talking about this issue.
> Here's a synopsis.
> Mark says does not have the resources to archive all the discussions on
> the plants newsgroup (disk space, software, newsfeed etc.).  So the
> newsgroup most probably will not be archived.

Dustin Laurence and I have conned Davin Milun into working
on the front end to our dream ultra-newsgroup archive project.  Yes, all
you folks who were so nice to donate to the Krib & Archive will now reap
the benefits of our dedicated 1GB disk!!  I have already been
auto-archiving the 3 aquaria groups for about a month, and now Davin is
actively working on how to present it all.  rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants 
will most definitely be included in the archive.  We'll also try to 
archive the mailing lists at some point (it's a lower priority because 
this is already being done by FINS).

By the way, that WAS me in the Fishroom last Saturday. :P

     - Erik

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