Another "please vote" plug

This is another plug for you list members to please vote on the
upcomming rec.aquaria re-org CFV.  If you don't we'll be buried by
other people who don't keep aquaria, don't know anything about them,
don't care diddly squat about them but have their own agendas about
how the Net needs to be run.  It's incredible to think there are
people with nothing better to do with their lives, but they exist so
y'all damn well better vote unless you want things to remain the way
they are, 'cause they're gonna vote no down the line unless their
agenda points are met in detail.

You might consider joining in on the RFD going on about it right now,
too.  Just bop on over to news.groups to do so.

We now return to our regularly scheduled plant fare...

Keith Rogers
krogers at es_com