Report: FISHROOM Meeting #2


The meeting for Auqatic Plant keepers was held today in the FISHROOM.  A 
total of seven people showed up staying as long as two and a half hours!
Shaji (our friendly list maintainer), Claus (the man from tropica), Joanne
(headin' back to NZ soon), Oscar (who's got a plant filter running), Earle,
some guy calling himself Krib (???:) and myself were in attendance.  
A lively and interesting level of dicussion was maintained throughout and
covered topics like plants, otos, algae, fertilizer and plant filters 
(looking forward to that write-up Oscar, Neil Frank would probably be
interested too!).  We unanimously agreed that the meeting was a success and
most agreed to try and make it again next week...won't you join us too?
Go explore the FISHROOM by telnet kplace.monrou.com 1025 (
port 1025) then plan to meet your fellow list readers there next Saturday,
July 7, at 20:00 GMT (16:00 EDT/13:00 PDT).  Looks like this will be a regular
event so don't be left out...and while you're there, be sure to examine my
aquarium in the Plant Room ;)

See you in the FISHROOM,

David Wheeler
dwheeler at leland_Stanford.EDU