Re: Plants melting

> I've never heard of Echinodorus 'melting' rapidly, before.  Did it really melt 
> rapidly, the way Crypts sometimes do, that is, did the process happen in about two 
> or three days, with the leaves turning to mush while still green?  If that isn't 
> the case, and if the older leaves became full of holes and raggedy, then it would 
> very likely be a case of potassium deficiency.  
> Paul Krombholz
Hmmm ... I'm wondering if this is the cause of my anubias nana disintegrating.
This "disintegration" happened over a period of months & corresponded to
lowering nitrate levels (zero for the final month) and anaerobic substrate.
The leaves had yellowish brown spots on which started near the edges, and
the edges turned completly yellow as did about half the leaf & they curled
& fell (actually floated) off.  According to the table posted by Neil
earlier in the week it could have been any one of nitrogen, phosphorus,
magnesium, potassium, zinc or molybdenum!  I am now fertilizing regularly
with Dupla products compared to very irregular fertilization with a mix
of "cheap" products before.  All the other plants have done OK though.