Potassium permanganate

> From: u7211aa at sunmail_lrz-muenchen.de (Michael Irlbeck) Date: Mon, 26
> Jun 95 15:10:21 EDT Subject: Surface Sterilisation 
> I use 'Kalium(-potassium)permanganate' solution. I don't know the
> english name for it, but it's the stuff that comes in small crystals
> which make a very deep purple colour in water. It's very cheap and I
> can buy it at every pharmacy here. 
> I usually make a nice pink solution and soak the plants for about 20
> to 30 minutes. Didn't get rid of the snails, however, so the
> concentration was probably too low. 
> Michael
Please be aware that potassium permanganate is a powerful oxidizer. The
crystals can cause spontaneous combustion under the right conditons. You may
have seen a demonstration in high school chemistry where-in glycerin was
poured over the crystals with spectacular effect. Instant fireworks, no
matches required.