Echinodorus recomendation for 30XH

I've grown one of the larger Echinodorus species ("Amazon sword") in gravel
in this tank.  This was not a plant tank.  Lighting was two 20W Triton
bulbs.  Very beautiful for about a year and then is melted on me.  I'd like
to try this again, but get rid of the gravel and grow the plant in a pot.
I know this is not exactly the height of plant tankdome, but I view this
more like a potted house plant... and I confess to actually liking the way
a clay pot looks in this setting.

The Amazon sword ( E. amazonia?) grew way too wide.  The height was fine
but it really filled the 2x1x2H foot tank!  I like the E. peruensis but
don't think they will get that big or will they?  Are there any swords in



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