FISHROOM Meeting #2

Greetings sessile aquatic autotroph lovers,

There is going to be another meeting for the members of the Aquatic
Plants List in the FISHROOM.  FISHROOM is a Multi-User Domain
dedicated to the discussion of things aquaristic which was set up and
maintained by reefer Kevin Carpenter.  To get to the FISHROOM simply
telnet to kplace.monrou.com 1025 ( port 1025) and follow
the online instructions.  The meeting will begin at 20:00 GMT (13:00
PDT) on Saturday, July 1, 1995.  Feel free to come early, late or any
time at all...there's usually someone hanging around who wants to gab
about their tanks.  But let's really try to get a substantial
gathering of of plant folks, beginners and gurus, in the same place at
the same time and see what happens.

See you in the FISHROOM,
David Wheeler
dwheeler at leland_Stanford.EDU