Halogen lights for aquariums

New thread! :-)

I found a pretty good way to get lights for our aquariums!! I've been calling
around to the hydroponics places here in Vancouver to get prices. It's 
generally about $250 for a 200 watt system (for deep tanks) but I was able
to score a pretty good deal at a local place in New West for $120. Instead
of new equipment, they have a lot of used stuff (new or used bulbs) and were
able to build a pretty nice reflector and transformer. Halogen is about twice
as efficient as fluorescent lights. I couldn't get enough light out of
fluorescents for the box shaped 75 gallon (2'x2' footprint) and read about
these type of lights in H&K's TOA. ;-)

You need to hang the bulb(s) from the ceiling since they can get pretty hot.
The advantage of this is, you can open your tank easily or even leave the
top off entirely for people who like plants that will actually grow emersed.
I understand H. difformis looks quite different emersed! Anybody try it?

These kinds of lights are really a must for coral and the business is really
starting to boom for that kind of thing. I was a bit shocked when I asked
the price of a halogen light from the aquarium store; $400+ !!!

Anybody wants more info can contact me via email or I'll post it if enough
people figure it's ok for a little word of mouth advertising. I guess you
could figure it out for yourself by phoning around to a few places so that's
what I'm suggesting you do in your city.

What do y'all think is a good wattage for most people with 18" deep tanks?
I figure 1 light for a 30" long tank & probably 2 for a 48".

 - Steve

PS. H&K = Horst & Kipper, TOA = The Optimum Aquarium. :-)