Re: Helping E. horemanii

>From: nfrank at nando_net (Neil Frank)
>Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 08:25:36 EDT
>Subject: Re: Helping E. horemanii
>>From George Booth, this time.
>>We thought it was just a matter of having the right nutrients, but you
>>are using Dupla stuff, so that's not it.  You have a low bioload in
>>the tank; maybe your nitrates aren't high enough?  Ours run 10-20
>>ppm.  Didn't I hear somewhere that Echinodorus like a little nitrate?
>Dupla stuff is not equivalent to providing all the right nutrients. There
>are both micro nutrients and MACRO nutrients.  All plants must have both -
>and once they run out of one element they will start to recyle from the
>older leaves.

There are two types of elemental nutrients, mobile and immobile.

The former are zinc, molybdenum, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus,
and potassium. Deficiencies of these elements will cause older
leaves to die or experience the effects first as the scarce
element is transferred to the newer leaves.

The immobile elements are boron, calcium, copper, iron, manganese,
and sulfur. Deficiencies of thes elements will cause young leaves
to suffer as the element cannot be moved and becomes unavailable
for uptake and hence growth.

If I recall the problem had to do with new growth. Therefore you
would be looking for a deficit in at least one of the immobile
elements. This is taken from a hydroponics text, for what it is