Re: Helping E. horemanii

>From George Booth, this time.
>We thought it was just a matter of having the right nutrients, but you
>are using Dupla stuff, so that's not it.  You have a low bioload in
>the tank; maybe your nitrates aren't high enough?  Ours run 10-20
>ppm.  Didn't I hear somewhere that Echinodorus like a little nitrate?

Dupla stuff is not equivalent to providing all the right nutrients. There
are both micro nutrients and MACRO nutrients.  All plants must have both -
and once they run out of one element they will start to recyle from the
older leaves.

This may be more apparent in the HEAVY feeders, like sword plants. 

In tanks with light fish load, running out of MACRO nutrients can be a real
problem. With regular water changes (and certain water supplies), macro
nutrients might be replenished. But sometimes they need to be supplemented.
Conceivably, this can also apply to P and K, in addition to N. Other
essential nutrients include Ca, S sometimes not included with nutrient

I have added Sodium Nitrate directly to tanks with sword plants that were
doing poorly, and growth then picks up.  (But of course, lighting must also
be sufficient).

>Keith, it seems you suspect substrate problems. If so, I'd like to add
>one other item to your list of options: pot the plant.  You then have
>complete control over the substrate. There was a time when I looked
>down upon potting for aesthetic reasons, but with a bit of creativity,
>you can make the pot invisible.

With horemanii, the plant will soon out grow and then hide the pot. :)