re: Need to rescue an E. hormanii

Note: Karla is passing this info along:


Just because Keith is using Dupla stuff doesn't guarantee that nutrient 
deficiency is not the problem.  Keith gave us the sick looking plants in 
March and the new leaves for the next few weeks looked healthy.  I had 
trimmed off all the old sick leaves at that point.  Then, when we were 
running low on Dupla tabs and going on vacation I started dosing at half 
the usual strength for the month of May.  In June, I resumed using about 
a 2/3 dose of what Dupla recommmends (our usual).  This past weekend when 
I thoroughly cleaned the 85 gallon tank I pulled up the E. horemanii to 
rearrange.  I noticed good leaves (the April growth), some sick leaves 
(the May growth) and some healthy new leaves (the June growth).  I would 
question Keith about the amount of Dupla tablets and drops he uses and 
the regularity of application.  I would not assume the problems seen are 
necessarily due to substrate because at this point the plantlets have 
very insignificant roots and no real rhizome.

Karla Booth