re: Need to rescue an E. hormanii

"shaji (s.) bhaskar" <bhaskar at bnr_ca> wrote:

>Keith, it seems you suspect substrate problems. If so, I'd like to add
>one other item to your list of options: pot the plant.  You then have
>complete control over the substrate. There was a time when I looked
>down upon potting for aesthetic reasons, but with a bit of creativity,
>you can make the pot invisible.

The potting idea would be a good one for many plants, but not for my
horemanii, I think.  The reasons are that 1) it appears that
circulation is the main problem rather than substrate composition or
nutrient deficiency, and 2) the rhizomes on these plants get truely
enormous.  For example, the chunks that George sent me (surely not the
largest of the plant) were over 1" in diameter in places and 9" long.
Clearly this is a plant that needs lots of room for root growth, so I
think a pot is out.  I've decided I'll put together one of Neil's home
brewed substrate heating cable systems and install that in the tank.
Something of a pain but one could look at is as a character building

Thanks for the replies, All.

Keith Rogers
krogers at es_com