Re: Plant import rules

> Michael Irlbeck wrote:
> >Some countries are more sensible :-).  In Denmark, France and Germany,
> >aquatic plants for aquarium use are unrestricted and in Great Britain,
> >aquarium plants from EEC are also unrestricted.
> That's true. However, due to our colder climate, the danger of
> tropical aquarium plants spreading in our native waters is quite slim.

I picked up a rather attractive plant on the weekend which I believe is
Water Milfoil or Myriophyllum aquaticum. Isn't this the same plant which
is considered such a virulent pest that is spreading in North America?
I can understand the caution about spreading new plants into the environment
but these rules could be relaxed for captive aquatic plants and the need
for phyto sanitary certificates doesn't seem justified either. I can see
concern about the spreading of insects, eggs and larvae. What do you
suppose is an adequate measure to prevent this? Could we be self-policing?
 - Steve