H. polysperma and CO2 - Replacement for L. sessiliflora

Mark wrote:

>> It's the CO2, I believe.  H. Polysperma is a much prettier plant if
>> you don't use CO2.

> Has anybody else experienced this?  The internodal distance in the CO2ed
> tank was at least twice as long (say a total of 1") than the ones grown
> outside.

Could it be that the light was just much brighter outside? 

Other question: I am not satisfied with the way Limnophilia
sessiliflora grows in my tank. The distance between the leaves is just
too long. I'm having great success with Rotala wallichii so far, but I
already have too many 'red' plants in my tank. Anybody have an idea
about a good replacement for the Limnophilia? I have hard water but
bright lights and CO2.