Plant import rules

>Some countries are more sensible :-).  In Denmark, France and Germany,
>aquatic plants for aquarium use are unrestricted and in Great Britain,
>aquarium plants from EEC are also unrestricted.

That's true. However, due to our colder climate, the danger of
tropical aquarium plants spreading in our native waters is quite slim.
In southern US, this could very well be the case. I don't know whether
that is the main reasoning behind different laws, but could be a
We also have a problem with a nonnative (land) plant spreading like
crazy and taking over the country. I think it's called cowparsnip in
the US and I saw it in Glacier's national park. The grizzlies eat it
there. Since we don't have any grizzlies ... One problem with it is
that its juices (sap?) cause a severe photoallergic reaction with skin
contact. Looks like bad burn injury. Some kids have been hurt badly,
it's pretty attractive to play with with its large leaves and thick