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 >> In its current form, it looks like it would fit in a cube 30" on a side. 

 Great.  That's what I was afraid of.<g>  I suspect the 'Rubin' may be a
_little_ shorter considering its heritage, but not much!

 Subject: Trumpet Snails

 Mike Morrissey,

 >>  Here in Western Mass no one seems to have heard of them much less stock
them.  thanks in advance<<<

 I missed that until I saw David's reply to you.

 You're another Massachusetts plant person?  You should join us Boston A.S.
folk for our planted tank workshops. Everyone is welcome, member or not!  Here
in the eastern part of the state, (and heck, the state isn't very large!<g>)
lots of people have them.  We have quite an active group of plant people in
the greater Boston area, several of whom are also active (or at least lurking)

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 19-Jun-1995