Re: Undergravel Heating

> From: Ghazanfar Khan Ghori <ghori at Glue_umd.edu>
> 	use airline tubing under the gravel..[snip]
> 	Get a container (5 G tank/bucket) fill it with water..
> 	throw in a heater. Put a powerhead in it...plug in the
> 	airline tubing into the output of the powerhead...
> 	Warm water circulating under the gravel would work wouldnt
> 	it? [cost $20]
Warm is probably not good enough. To provide the necessary heat, the
water would need to be quite hot. That will require a lot of electricity
and the cost of that will be the highest consideration. Heating wires
is the most efficient at converting electrical energy to heat in the
substrate where you want it. - Steve