re:Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #134

>From: Erik Olson <olson at phys_washington.edu>
>Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 21:41:52 -0700 (PDT)
>Subject: Baaack, and Java Fern
>> From: "shaji (s.) bhaskar" <bhaskar at bnr_ca>
>> Subject: Admin: Deleting users with unreliable email 
>Don't kill me, please!  :) Good ol' physics department decided to take 
>all their machines offline this weekend, but only informed people in 
>advance via snail-mail.  How intelligent of them.  

I'll make you a deal.  If you add the aquatic plant list to your
collection of organizations and magazines on the Krib, I'll overlook
the bunch of email that the physics department bounced over the
weekend :-).

>Lastly, along the lines of the recent posting by Len Trigg, anyone an 
>expert on US agriculture import laws or know where I could look up info 
>on important, say, uh, plants from, oh just to pick a country at random, 
>New Zealand. :)  I am very interested in helping get these fascinating 
>plants into the US!

Please put me on the waiting list!

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