Ammania Sp.


I found some Ammania Senegalensis (I think) at our pet store.  Since
this is a relatively rare plant in the U.S., I bought the two bunches
they had available at $5 apiece.

The plants have thick (1/2") stems, and leaves 2" long and 1/2" wide.
They appear to have been grown emersed, but I've not had trouble
acclimatizing Ammania in the past.

I only need one, so I'm offering the other bunch (3 stems) at cost to
the first person to ask for it.  Since mailing charges are about $3,
the whole deal will set you back $8.  I can only mail to addresses in
the U.S.

Shaji Bhaskar                                              bhaskar at bnr_ca
BNR, 35 Davis Dr., RTP, NC 27709, USA                      (919) 991 7125