Re: E. horemanii

> Karen Randall -
>  Since you mentioned your horemanii, How tall is the tank that you
> have it in, and how tall is the plant?  I have a less than 1 year old
> 'Rubin' Sword (which is a horemanii x barthii cross) that is big
> enough that the leaves lay all over the surface of the tank.  I'm
> planning to move it to my 75G, but this tank isn't _that_ much taller
> either.  

The E. horemanii is in the 120g tank, which is 48"x24"x24" and has 4"
of gravel.  Most of the leaves are at least 30" long.  It has 3-4
dozen leaves and we remove 10-12 every month!.  It seems that no
matter which tank it is in, it has 6" of leaf trailing on the surface.

In its current form, it looks like it would fit in a cube 30" on a
> How big a tank do you actually need to show off one of these
> suckers properly?  

A swimming pool?

> Is the 120 big enough?

No, not really.