Baaack, and Java Fern

> From: "shaji (s.) bhaskar" <bhaskar at bnr_ca>
> Subject: Admin: Deleting users with unreliable email 

> Recently, our automated mail server at actwin.com has been
> encountering a lot of errors when it mails out the Aquatic Plant
> Digest.  The bulk of these are from a few individuals with poor
> Internet connectivity.  This problem is bound to increase as the
> mailing list becomes larger (we are currently at 270+).

Don't kill me, please!  :) Good ol' physics department decided to take 
all their machines offline this weekend, but only informed people in 
advance via snail-mail.  How intelligent of them.  

Now a new subject:  Java fern reproduction.

I was cleaning out my tank yesterday, when I noticed that some of the roots
of my Java Ferns are sprouting little new java fernlets.  Not the 
rhizome, but the little hairy roots coming out of the rhizome.  I've 
never seen this happen before.  Is this common?  What's happening here?
I figure it's gotta be different than the plants that develop directly on 
the leaves, but maybe it isn't.

Finally, I just pulled a lot of Java Fern out of the tank & am mailing 
some off tomorrow.  It's sitting in a holding bucket, so anyone who's 
interested in buying/trading some, let me know through e-mail quickly.

Lastly, along the lines of the recent posting by Len Trigg, anyone an 
expert on US agriculture import laws or know where I could look up info 
on important, say, uh, plants from, oh just to pick a country at random, 
New Zealand. :)  I am very interested in helping get these fascinating 
plants into the US!

    - Erik

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