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>9)  The plants were supposed to be more compact with those twin MH suns.
>All the bunch plants reach the top in a week or so.  The polysperma in the
>outside lilly pond was very compact, red and never got near the top
>(granted it was 6" deeper).  It just looked better.

It's the CO2, I believe.  H. Polysperma is a much prettier plant if
you don't use CO2.

>So.  What to do different?
>1)  Get a trickle filter for one.  Correct if wrong, but I'm assuming that
>the overflow box captures most of the gunk and is fairly easy to clean.
>I'd like to get away from filtration systems which basically filter the
>water thru the captured gunk ("UGF syndrome").  The idea of a settling tank
>has appeal too.

Why do you think you need a bio filter at all?  You could probably do
quite well with just a couple of powerheads for circulation.  In my
70G, all I use is a Magnum 220 canister filter with no media other
than a filter sleeve.  I have moderately high fish load, but the
nitrates are always less than 10 ppm.  (I use a Tetra NO3- test, and
its resolution is 10ppm, so I don't have acuurate numbers)

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